A Chat with Balint: Creating Stories Interactive(ly)

So after I spammed every channel I could think of with advertisements asking for actors to take part in Vloedelingen, Balint Mark Turi, a masters student from Hungary studying film direction in Amsterdam, contacted me to invite me for a drink and a talk.

Of course I said yes, and we had an interesting conversation about interactive media. I think he’s just about finished his course now, but his research was into how he could direct and create a film through interactive means. So, not an interactive film as a product, but the process as interactive.

He works with his actors using improvisation, open dramaturgical methods, and many different LARP techniques specifically freeform and jeepform LARP.

Incredibly interesting. Click on his name at the top of this post to check out his research blog!

We exchanged lots of ideas and makers,larps,films, theatre, games of which both of us had never heard of before then.

I think the most important thing that stuck to me was that I could not only use LARP methods in my product, but also as a process. Why not develop interactive theatre using freeform LARP and improvisational theatre?
I was hoping to try this out once I had actors, but once I had found them, two of them already had quite a bit of experience with improvisational theatre, and could easily improvise (and how!) when we playtested Act 1. More about that soon.

This is Jeepform!

This is Arpad Schilling, a Hungarian political theatre maker!

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